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Discussion in 'The Lobby' started by King, Jan 30, 2013.

  1. King

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    Well lets hear it, What has everyone been doing lately?

    What games are yall playing or wanting to play?

    What new games look good to you?

    What games dont?

    Lets kick this thread off with some general Info on whats been up with everyone lately.
  2. King

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    Ill start.

    Been mostly bust since holidays and RL Shennanigans for big games, just started getting more time again.

    December, was alot of Yogscast Live Stream watching and preparing for Holidays.

    Early January has been Family time and family games mostly. Castle Crashers, Awesomenauts, etc.

    Kerbal Space Program and Prison Architect have been a couple single player games ive toyed with.

    And now that i have time again, been playing Wakfu with some other peoples here. With Square Enix loosing publishing rights its a better game now.

    As for the future, Elder Scrolls Online looks like it might be a good one. And Starbound will be in Beta soon as well. Not much else on Radar.

  3. Elite

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    As you said, been pretty quiet without any 'big' game for everyone to play together.

    After GW2 my internet messed up and I pretty much have not been playing games since Christmas up until this past week.

    Patched up SWTOR to play with it's free to play model, only level 10 so far, but it's always been a fun single player game :p

    Going to get back into playing League I think, or at least give it another go. Season 3 has just started which is kinda cool, think I originally started playing when season 2 had just started so it's fitting that I go back to it now.

    It's also gotten to that time of year when I feel like playing EVE online again, so unless I get distracted I might sub for that for a month and mess around in space, not sure yet though I'll see.

    I miss raiding in Rift, been feeling nostalgic recently about it, would like to find something like that again with a nice group of people like we had with BiS.
  4. King

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    Well Wakfu is a team game with big epic bosses but max team size is 6. so not as grandoise but atill alot of fun if you like turn based strategy mixed with MMO.

    Level cap is 110 now, and im 52 and 45 as of now, been at it about 2 weeks to get to that point, so it definatly takes time to level haha. its kinda nice that you cant power level really. (you kinda can till like lvl 20)
  5. Elite

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    Each time I've looked at wakfu I've been put off by the graphics to be honest. I like things to look nice when I play :p
  6. King

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    its just cartoony D: you dont like cartoons? D: its got phenominal gameplay mechanics =P
  7. Elite

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    It looks like a NES game xD

    Tbh, anime/cartoony style games have never really appealed to me. Though I'll look into it at some point just to see if it catches my attention.
  8. Shivaun

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    Everybody seems to be scattered across the titles out there. Personally I have a long list of AAA titlesI haven't even had a chance to play yet. Went hard on Borderlands 2, currently in the open betas on MWO and Path of Exile, playing a little Secret World from time to time, also SWTOR now that it's free. Replaying ME2 on PS3 to get a save file for ME3 (my xbox 360 red ringed). Oh, and working longer hours so online less. that's about it.
  9. YaoYaoYiffy

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    I'm playing bits of Smashmuck and a lot of Battlefield 3 with Heero and Spiz.

    Besides those I'm playing my usual assortment of random games. I just beat Hotline Miami yesterday, it's a pretty good mind-fuck of a game.
  10. Obsidian Spire

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    I've been busy with school, trying to play some co-op games with friends, and some always fun deal hunting. I would continue posting deals, but I'm not sure how many Apoc's care lol.
  11. King

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    i see em. i check the site multiple times a day, probably the only one who does now lol. but i do see them, i just am not an impluse buyer haha.
  12. Nirack

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    Sup guys, it's been a while. I have been pretty busy lately taking care of this nations health since 1/1/13 with 14hr shifts, lucky me. Other than that on my free time I started pvping on F2P games (Allods & Age of Conan - IGN on both - Sesy). Waiting on that Elders Scrolls beta invite, mofos haven't sent me one.
  13. Obsidian Spire

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    That makes sense. I guess most of the people who viewed those threads were not registered members and just happened to find them while perusing the forums or googling.
  14. Cerebralcow

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    I've been playing a lot of Assassin's Creed 3, Don't Starve, Killing Floor still, I'd like to play Torchlight 2 some more if anyone else has it and hasn't worn it out yet. I have a character around lvl 30 or 40 I think. Same with Orcs Must Die 2 I've played a few stages of that but I'd like to finish it with a friend.

    I've beaten the story of AC3 and now I'm playing the multiplayer game. The new wolfpack mode is pretty fun and takes a bit of teamwork. I've only gotten to play 1 of the 3 difficulties so far. I'm pretty sure the last difficulty is unbeatable with just random matchmaking players. It probably requires a lot of teamwork and voice chat.
  15. Siege

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    Realm of the mad god !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Free to buy free to play check it out.....give it time at first glance seems shallow. Very addicting and great game. Has me hooked. For any1 that remembers me i usually play on the westcoast2 server name is whodatnig.
  16. King

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    Of course i remeber you. Relm of the madgod is ok, fun little game just not too much to it haha.
  17. Heero

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    I've been playing Town of Salem.

    if anyone wants to jump in or sign up for it do me a favor and put me down as your refferer i get special rewards for everyone signing up on the forums. if i get 5 sign ups i get the grim reaper skin. game is hella addictive.

    my name for the refferer is Heero237.

    also Battlfield Hardline is amazing...... no matter what everyone says im having a blast.

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