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    New Feature - Articles

    So as you may notice now, we have a new Feature avalible for our users. Its User Articles over specific games or topics, that the author will update how ever often they choose. Think of it like a Newspaper column or Article. You check the paper each week and flip to the section you enjoy and read the journalist's story about said subject.

    Now, with many sites, they have 1 Journalist per game or topic. But we dont want to be like every other site. We at GamerApoc know that there could be more than 1 person who is interested in journalism and would like to share their views on topics. So if there is 2 or 4 or even 5 people who all want to report on the same game, thats just fine here. Everyone is allowed to voice themselves here at GamerApoc.

    How to Become a Journalist

    Well becoming one is relativity simple. Just come to either myself, King or YaoYaoYiffy and let us know what you would like to do. We would need some basic info in addition to your idea.

    • The name of the Game you wish to Write about.
    • The premise of your Idea. As in "The Life and Times of King in a Rift World" or "Serious Updates on X Game and the Studio Making it" (be creative if your going to do a Humor Article)
    • The Frequency of your Article. How often will it be updated. This can be as frequent as you want. Daily, Weekly, bi Weekly, Maybe Monthly. This is your article so as much as you want to add to it, you may.
    Once you have that info ready, come talk to either of us on Ventrillo or send a message. We will then discus with you about the Required Capabilities needed to make the Article look and feel as Professional as possible. To preprepare yourself, check out our Help section at the bottom of every page, there you will find a "BBCode List" that will give you tools to help make thigns look good. Things like "Headers" "Float left or Right" to make text wrap around images, and so on. This is a learning process and over time you will develop a nice template that you will use each time.

    So with all that in mind, if you are intrested in having an Article let us know. We are always open to ideas and opinions, so dont be afraid to come at us with creative ideas.

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