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    So we have tryed out a bunch of small mod packs over the past year, and each brought a little something diffrent to the table. Well now there is FTB:Ultimate, Feed the Beast Ultimate. This pack contains popular mods from many other mod packs. Buildcraft, IC2, RedPower, Computercraft, Forestry, Thaumcraft, Mystcraft, Modular Power Armor, Gregtech, and tons more. It is the biggest and most updated Modpack.

    This will be the Permanent Mod Pack we use for a long while so get comfortable.

    Install Instructions
    1. Goto FTB Site and click Download to get the Launcher.
    2. Install FTB Launcher
    3. Install/Update Java 7 to newest version for best preformance
    4. Open FTB Launcher
    5. Set your Options and allocate more Ram, I suggest 3-4gb
    6. Click "Mods" and on left select "FTB Ultimate" and click Launch at bottom.
    7. It will download and install the Mod then Launch it.
    8. CLOSE Minecraft and Re-Launch FTB Launcher.
    9. Select FTB Ultimate Mod and click "Edit Mod Pack" button at the top.
    10. Under "Enabled Mods" you want to DISABLE the following Mods.
    - ChickenChunks
    - wirelessredstoneaddons
    - wirelessredstonecore
    - wirelessredstoneredpower
    11. Launch FTB Ultimate and Log in Server!

    Additional Notes
    You may wish to install "Optifine" Mod for best preformance, helps with FPS issues.

    Download version D5 Ultra or Standard
    Put zip file in the folder you installed FTB Launcher to in this directory:
    MINECRAFT / Ultimate / instMods
    Do not unzip just put in instMods folder and launch game, this will allow better video options for higher FPS

    Server info:

    No password, no whitelist, just join, read the rules at Spawn, and go build.
    Spawn is Locked so you cannot leave until King, Revortha, or Zomby open the door for you. Get ahold of one of us on Vent or Steam to let you into the world. This is so random people cant grief the server.

    *NOTE* This server is for GamerApoc members or friends of members. If you are not a member, you should look into joining the community before you join the server. Thankyou!


    Lastly i have uploaded the texture pack we use. All my screenshots use this texture pack, it is probably one of the best ones there is and it looks great. So if you would like to use it, it is there.

    For Guides, Help, or just general info, Check out this Wiki.

    If you cant find help there, ask or check google!


Discussion in 'Minecraft' started by King, Mar 7, 2013.

  1. King

    Welcome to Spawn, you are not Welcome. (Spawn has Entertainment)

    Kingdom Corp HQ (Natural Spawned giant trees)

    Dont Leave home without it! (Portal Guns are craftable)

    Trophy Wall, I will enjoy taking your Head. (You can cut off players heads and keep them)

    Nice and Clean (Display Cases, Weapon Racks, Armor Stands and more to organize with)

    Thaumcraft Research Station

    Thaumcraft Aspect Storage Facility

    Thaumcraft Lab Assistants

    1 Million Units of Water Anyone? (Xycraft Adds Advanced Resource Management)

    Go Go Power Rangers! (Power Armor is Customizable to Suit your Needs. /pun)

    Extra Biomes, Wasteland.

    Extra Biomes, Glaciers / Alpine Forest / Autumn Woods
  2. King
    More Screenshots

    Solar Power! Eat that Solid Fuels!

    When your place is as Nice as mine, you gotta Hire some Guys, Guys who know how to dispose of a body.

    Easy to Read Info panels rock.

    Small Machine Room

    Large Machine Room
  3. King
    The Price of Playing with Bees. A Colorful Flowery Wonderland.

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